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                  UDL Series planet cone-disk stepless speed variator
                  NMRV Series worm-gear speed reducer
                  Combination of basic model and worm-gear speed reducer
                  Worm gears with pre-stage helical unit
                  Combination worm gear units
                  G3 Series helical Geared Speed Reduers
                  Choice of Lubricant
                  Mounting positions
                  Notice for ordering

                  Add:100 metres southward,
                  Jiazhi Bus stop, Jiaojiang,
                  Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
                  Tex: 86-576-88317213  88317323
                  Fax: 86-576-88317103
                  Manager: He Xinghai
                  M.Tel: 013606689502
                  Postcode: 318013



                  >>> Combination worm gear units
                  Combination worm gear units

                  一、Model & mark  
                  二、Direction of rotation  
                  三、Combined performance tabe for NMRV/NMRV(n1=1400)  
                  四、Maximum speed ratio for NMRV/NMRV  
                  五、Combined outline & installation sizes for NMRV/NMRV  

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