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                  UDL Series planet cone-disk stepless speed variator
                  NMRV Series worm-gear speed reducer
                  Combination of basic model and worm-gear speed reducer
                  Worm gears with pre-stage helical unit
                  Combination worm gear units
                  G3 Series helical Geared Speed Reduers
                  Choice of Lubricant
                  Mounting positions
                  Notice for ordering

                  Add100 metres southward,
                  Jiazhi Bus stop, Jiaojiang,
                  Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
                  Tex: 86-576-88317213  88317323
                  Fax: 86-576-88317103
                  Manager: He Xinghai
                  M.Tel: 013606689502
                  Postcode: 318013



                  >>> Combination of basic model and worm-gear speed reducer

                  匯、Model & mark  
                  屈、Combined performance table for basic model &    
                    worm-gear speed reducer  
                  眉、Combined outline & installation sizes for    
                    basie model & worm-gear speed reducer  
                  膨、Motor outline size  

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